letters + Belgium

The letters, which report opinions or propositions or requests or thanks,  are different from the witnesses, which report descriptions of events or impressions.


The letters which involve more than one nation are doubled for each nation involved.


The letters are listed in order of nation (Guatemala, Italy, Belgium) and then in order of decreasing date.

2021, April 16, Jacques (only in French)

2020, November 27, Belgian friendship network (only in Italian)

2019, December 23, Belgian friendship network (only in French)

2012, April 14, Belgian friendship network  to Amistrada assembly (only in Italian)

2011, December 7, memory of Raymonde (1934-2011) (only in Italian)

2010, June 10 - Belgian friendship network (only in French)

2010, May 5, meeting on June 6 with Gerard Lutte and Melina Garcia (only in French)

2009, April 9, Brussels (only in French)

2008, July 3, Jacqueline and Jacques (only in French)

2008, June, to the Minister of French Community Commission - Belgium (only in French)

2008, May 25, Glenda and Carlos on their stay in Belgium (only in French)

2008, May 23, attending the poor of other countries (only in French)

2007, August 28, visit in Belgium of two girls from Mojoca and of Gerard Lutte (only in French)

2005, October, to Entraide et Fraternité, Gerard (only in French)

2004, May 14, subvention by Belgium (only in Italian)

2002, protestation in France (only in French with annexed letetr in Spanish)

2000, protestation (only in French)

1999, stop violence to students in Guatemala (only in French)

1999, social cleaning in Guatemala (only in French)

1998, October, protestation against violence in Guatemala (only in French with annexed letetr in Spanish)