the researches in order of date

In this section we present researches (often thesis in psychology, sociology and educational sciences) on the living conditions not only about the street boys and girls, but also about other outcast people and about their struggles to escape their situation.

We present only researches realised using methods focused on the person.

The complete passages can be downloaded. Extracts can be reproduced only showing the sources (the author, the title and the web site).


Andreou Lambros: - The street youngsters, some theories and methodologies: a study case in Guatemala City (2012) (only in Italian)


Laura Giarrusso - Love in the street - Experiences of couple life among the street youngsters of Guatemala (2006) (only in Italian)


Simona Cotroneo - Psychological experience in women affected by endometritis: four real life stories (2005) (only in Italian)

Valentina Gori - Experiences of belonging and loss - the objects of affection of girls and boys of street in Guatemala City (2005) (only in Italian)


Giuseppe Fulco: To dope oneself to live - a research with the children of the street mouvement in Guatemala City (2004) (only in Italian)

Fabia Orlandi - The friendship in the life history of Vittorio Foa and other people (2004) (only in Italian)

Sonia Tartaglia - HIV personal experience in teen-agers - four real life stories (2004) (only in Italian)


Camilla Camerlengo - Women's conditions in psychological theories and culture in Guatemala (2003) (only in Italian)

Pierpaolo Coccia - To rebel to the prison - life stories of street children in Guatemala City (2003) (only in Italian)

Laura Cotroneo - The violation of human rights during the armed conflict (1962-1966) in Guatemala  (2003) (only in Italian)

Serena De Masi - From marginality to "to be protagonist": paths of way out from the street (2003) (only in Italian)

Barbara Manzo: - Feminin friends, friendship in the feminin growth (2003) (only in Italian)

Emanuele Tacchia - Terminal, psychological study of a street group, in Guatemala City (2003) (only in Italian)


Chiara Brunetti How girls live their been plucked  (2002) (only in Italian)

Sofia Cricchio - The groups of girls and boys of street in Guatemala: united without patrons in the fight to survive  (2002) (only in Italian)

Manila D'Angelomaria - How boys live their been plucked  (2002) (only in Italian)

Evelina Fusco - The feminine parts in the groups of the street in Guatemala (2002) (only in Italian)

Chiara Riva - Free voices from…Interior – From self – narration to the process of change in life histories of “reduced” mothers  (2002) (only in Italian)


Rosa Laiso - In the streets of found love, how the girls of the street live their maternity (2001) (only in Italian)