the books, the calendars, the note-books in order of date

In this section we present works on the living conditions not only about the street boys and girls, but also about other outcast people and about their struggles to escape their situation.

We present only works realised using methods focused on the person.

The complete passages can be downloaded. Extracts can be reproduced only showing the sources (the author, the title and the web site).


M.Lutte "abuelito - the little grand-father" (2018) (only in French)

G.Lutte "princesses and dreamers in the streets of Guatemala" (2018, 2008, 2001, 1994 editions) (only in Italian)

various authors " gender justice" (2017) cover front - back (only in Italian)

A.Genzone "funambulists above the street" (2017) cover front - back (only in Italian)

Val d'Agri group "calendar 2015" (only in Italian)

P.De Angelis "a flower among the stones" (2014) book-cover and presentation (only in Italian), artícle in La Repubblica (only in Italian), leaflet (only in Italian)

W.Dierckxsens "Marcel in front of a world of warriors and bankers": (2014) presentation (only in Spanish), (2014?) text (only in Spanish)

W.Dierckxsens "Susan and the world of money" (2014?) (only in Italian or Spanish)

Val d'Agri group "calendar 2014" (only in Italian)

L.Pellicciari "I do not stop dreaming" (2013) presentation  (only in Italian)

G.Girardi "Giulio Girardi and the re-establishment of hope" (2013) (only in Spanish)

Val d'Agri group "calendar 2013" (only in Italian)

D.Guoli "the grandmother who weeped from the nose" (2009) presentation by G.Lutte  (only in Italian), text (only in Italian)

M.Ramonda "Ramonda Marina in poetry and ..." (2008) presentation  (only in Italian)

A.Demarque "travel diary: Brussels - 2482 km in bike - Rome" (2004) (only in French)

G.Lutte "princesses and dreamers in the streets of Guatemala” (2001 - second edition) (only in Spanish)

G.Lutte "princesses and dreamers in the streets of Guatemala” (1997 - second edition) (only in Fench)

G.Lutte "young workers of five continents (1995?) (only in Spanish)

G.Lutte "to free adolescence" (1993?)  (only in Spanish)

G.Lutte "from religion to gospel - young revolutionaries in Nicaragua" (1991) (only in Spanish)

G.Lutte "psychology for a  LIBERATION OF TEEN-AGERS AND YOUNG PEOPLE" (1990?) (only in Italian)

G.Lutte "annotations for an history of "prato rotondo" (1972?) (only in Italian)