witnesses + Belgium

The witnesses, which report descriptions of events or impressions, are different from the  letters, which report opinions or propositions or requests or thanks.


The witnesses which involve more than one nation are doubled for each nation involved.


The witnesses are listed in order of decreasing date


2016, September 4, Avioth (only in Spanish)

2015, January 19, Belgium (only in French)

2014, September 7, Belgium (only in Spanish or Italian)

2014, May 22, Belgium (introduction in Spanish, text in French)

2008, November, twin groups (only in French)

2008, November, Yesenia and Gerard in lamas country (only in French)

2008, August 25, Bénédicte (only in French)

2008, January, summary of Kenia, Maria Elena and Gerard's journey in the European Friendship (only in French)

2006, January, CASI-UO (only in French)

2004, May 8, Belgium presentation of movement and firendship network (only in French)

2003, November, we, street children..., Lorena (only in French)