the organisation + the friendship network in Italy (amistrada)


Amistrada statute (only in Italian)

Amistrada institutive act (only in Italian)

In Italy the friendship and support network to the street children (Amistrada) is appointed (juridical acknowledgement) as ONLUS (Non Lucrative Organisation of Social Utility).

Amistrada gathers several hundreds of people, as individuals, couples, groups, organised in three levels:

    sympathizers: the individuals, couples, groups who have sent their address and/or e-mail and receive the bulletin and/or the newsletter

    supporters: the sympathizers  (individuals, couples, groups) who co-operate with the network, spreading the project and/or  organising a friendship group and/or spending a period of time by the mojoca and/or contributing with a volunteer work and/or with financial aids (see section: to co-operate)

.   members: the supporters  (individuals, couples, groups) who make a formal request to become members of the ONLUS and, at the acceptance, pay (una tantum) the minimum share  of social capital established by the steering committee (some tenths of euros)

Are organs of Amistrada:

For other information on the steering committee or on the member groups on the territory click on the following list:

steering committee (only in Italian)

Alghero (resp: Maria Antonietta Collu)

Caprarola (resp: Orietta D'Alessandro)

Catanzaro (resp: Rosa Fiore) (only in Italian)

Eboli - L'Altritalia (resp: Anna Grimaldi Naimoli)

Firenze (resp: Carolina Piccini) (only in Italian)

Gorizia - Arcobaleno (resp: Alberto De Nadai) (only in Italian)

Lecco (resp: Chiara Riva) (only in Italian)

Lucca (resp: Chiara Ferroni)

Mazzara del Vallo (resp: Piero Di Giorgi)

Milano 2, 1 (resp: Santina Portelli and Marina Ramonda) (only in Italian)

Napoli - Salerno (resp: Lanfranco Genito)

Perugia (resp: Fabrizio Germini)

Pinerolo (resp: Angelina di Giacomo)

Piossasco Rivalta - Primavera (resp: Sandro Filia) (only in Italian)

Potenza GVS (resp: Annalisa Giordano) (only in Italian)

Treviso - NATSper... (resp: Chiara Sacilotto) (only in Italian)

Val d'Agri (resp: Giuseppe Fulco)

Statistical information are in the section: statistics + friendship network in Italy (amistrada)