the organisation + the street children movement in Guatemala (mojoca)




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On a substantial level the movement is constituted by the spontaneous association of the youngsters of the street, who, after a training period, assent to the goals and finalities of the movement itself, engage themselves to respect its rules, do the duties and profit of the rights of the association.

The structures of the association are:

On a formal level the movement is strucutred in the association  “MOVIMIENTO DE JÓVENES DE LA CALLE”,  Civile Non Lucrative Association, inscribed in the  Civil Register of  Guatemala Capital on the 13 july 1999, (Book Y6P5, Sheet Y54, Act 199).

The formal asociation, made by adult members, plays the double rôle of a:

The association structures are:

The steering committee, taking advantage of the co-ordinators (appointed among the youngsters themselves) and of some adult companions and technicians, assures a serie of services:

The girls and boys from the street are followed by Mojoca during the four stages of their journey towards the social reinsertion: