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The boys and the girls do not stay long time in the foster homes run by the institutions; they do not stand the adults rules, not to decide about their own lives, to be separated from their fellows and their own children.

It has been necessary to start from their reality that is the street and its values – friendship and sharing out - they can’t survive without in a hostile world.

The project wants to strengthen these values and develop them on the way of self-management, self-determination, liberating friendship. Nothing is given as present because alms are humiliating and do not help to be free. Everything is to be gained trough work, study and personal and community-minded efforts.

In the following the list is given of the remarkable points of the project, the details of which are developed in "who we are +  the project + TO DEEPEN " at the top on the right of this page.

Steps of the education path:

  • 1) girls and boys in the street

  • 2) initiation to Mojoca

  • 3) training, alphabetization, school,  professional training laboratories

  • 4) responsibility in Mojoca;  groups: Quetzalitas, Mariposas, Change Generation, New Generation; houses: 8 March, of Boys

Objectives of the project:

·        to accompany the girls and the boys in their process of integral, scholastic, professional and personal education

·        to support youngsters who whish to leave the street in their research of a job and an accommodation, and of course in the realisation of their life project

·        to reinforce the self-supported groups of the girls who left the street (“Quetzalitas”) and of the boys in the same situation (“New Generation”)

·        to support the educational process of the children (Mariposas and Change Generation) of the girls who already left the street or who still live in the street

·         to reach the complete self-management of the movement

·         to put into practice the principles of  liberating friendship

  •   to deepen the gender identity and women and men liberation

  •   to integrate the movement in the popular movement of youngsters at national and international level

Programs to put in practice the project:

·         work in the street and  initiation to the friendship house

·         alimentation

·         hygiene and physical health

·         psychological support

·         legal assistance

·         basic and superior instruction

·         professional traininig

·         living reinsertion

·         job reinsertion

·         the Quetzalitas group

·         the New Generation group

·         the Mariposas group

·         the friendship house

·         the 8 march house

·          the friends house

·         personnel training to the movement management

·         education to the liberating friendship pedagogy

·         communication and public relations

·         integration in the popular national and international movement

·         cooperation with government and non government organisations

·         administration


Engagement for friendship networks in Italy and Belgium for the third millennium

Let us help the street children to realize their dream

To guarantee the operation of the movement in Guatemala, about 400.000 euros per year must be found, so divided:

  • about   100.000 euros per year by Others

  • about   100.000 euros per year by Belgium

  • about   200.000 euros per year by Italy

The above mentioned contributions are to support the movement and to help it to cover the monthly expenses (the wages of the workers, food, activities, production and the artistic expression laboratories, distance adoptions, scholarships, etc.)

to find money there are groups and other people who organise meetings, photo exhibitions, cakes sales, artistic productions, music concerts, dinners, lotteries, etc..