to give a financial contribution through Belgian friendship network


The contributions to Mojoca come from:

The contributions may be fruit of:

-  free subscriptions

-  subscriptions in case of significant events such as:

-  activities such as:

The contributions may be destined in the following ways:

Who desire ti may get engaged with periodic contributions for the following programmes and for the following indicative values (the contribution may be even partial):

Send your contribution to Belgium on the account:



de  AVEC LE GUATEMALA , rue du monument, 7 - 6730 Ansart

IBAN: BE14 7512 0047 4283



Who asks for a fiscal certificate (deduction from 40 per year) may contribute on the account:

000 - 0000028 28 de " OXFAM SOLIDARITE" , rue des Quatre Vents, 60, 1080 Bruxelles,

with the communication:


IBAN: BE370000 0000 2828