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The friendship network in Italy has the legal status of ONLUS (Non Lucrative Organisation for Social Utility) and has the following decision levels.

NETWORK Assembly

to the network assembly take part:

  • the sympathizers (persons, couples, groups) who have given their address to the network and receive the bulletins via ordinary mail and the newsletters via e-mail

  • the supporters (persons, couples, groups) who are the sympathizers support the network by means of promotion activities, a volunteer work  or a financial contribution

  • the members (persons, couples, groups) who are the supporters who take formal part to the ONLUS association: only the members have the right of vote in the network assembly.

The network assembly take the substancial decisions to develop friendship and solidarity with the girls and the boys of the movement and the formal decision  (budget and balance ratification, steering committee election, etc.)


The steering committee is composed by 7 members elected by the network assembly.

It  meets some times per year and control the execution of the decisions of assemblies, accepts new members, prepare the balances, and deals with ordinary administration.


For further information consult:

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       "statistics + friendship network in Italy (amistrada)" for statistics and lists of sympathizers, supporters and members