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2001- the friendship with the...(only in Italian)

Our aim is to be close to the movement and the street, both moving and ever changing realities. Our attempt is to get solidarity take over the blind and cruel violence that strikes these boys and girls.

Supporting the street children helps us to discover the fundamental values of gospel and mankind: friendship, equality, justice, renounce to luxury in order to share our life with the poors.

The boys and the girls of the movement do not ask us for money but friendship and sharing with them the world network of resistance to the inhuman globalisation, aimed to find creative alternatives. Therefore being their friends means participating in a change and believing that it is possible in our societies

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At the moment our friendship, solidarity and co-operation is made of:

        information exchange between the friendship network in Europe and the movement in Guatemala

        presence of volunteers from Europe who spend individual periods of some months by the movement

        spread of movement knowledge in Europe, through the bulletin, the newsletter, the Internet site, the organisation of manifestations

        constitution in European cities of solidarity groups who are integrant part of the friendship network

        economical aids to the movement for operation expenditures, remote adoptions, educational and professional training scholarships, social and working reintegration.